I’m quite close to finishing my corset for my FIRST entry into the HSF, but everything is on hold as I suddenly am sick from a sinus infection. One of the side-effects of my many food allergies…

Thankfully, Friday and Saturday were the worst days, and now just have the feeling of a flat pancake left for today and possibly tomorrow. :p

I did get a package in the mail, though! I found SIXTY YARDS of green cotton tape on eBay, for only $5. That’s how much I pay for 6 yards at Joann’s! So of course I bought it. 🙂


Unfortunately, it’s an insane jungle green. But the color is a small matter when you think about how it’s SIXTY YARDS FOR FIVE DOLLARS. I’m sorry, I’ve just never found such a good deal on cotton tape!

And, the project I have planned is green. So it will work. Hehe!

I’m thinking that by tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday, that I will have finished my 1880s corset. Then I can take pictures of it completed!

It doesn’t look quite as nice since I had to add two triangles of black silk, but it’s still pretty. Also, I noticed that a few of the grommets are falling out!??!  I probably need to put a bit of glue around the holes, and then hammer them in. Oh well. At least I picked up a ton of grommets on clearance, and that hammering them in is a lot of fun! 🙂

Also on my list of things I want to get done soon, is a mockup of an 1880s natural form bodice. The first one I cut out, I forgot to add seam allowances. Oops.
Now this second version has seam allowances, and hopefully doesn’t need much changing! I really don’t like doing mock-ups. It’d be so much nicer if everything just automatically fit you right away! 😀


2 thoughts on “Sick…

    • It doesn’t help that I’m starting to feel like I *might* be long-waisted… unless that’s just the pattern…
      And thank you! I’m much better now, albeit the little cough I still have is annoying. 🙂

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