I’m quite close to finishing my corset for my FIRST entry into the HSF, but everything is on hold as I suddenly am sick from a sinus infection. One of the side-effects of my many food allergies…

Thankfully, Friday and Saturday were the worst days, and now just have the feeling of a flat pancake left for today and possibly tomorrow. :p

I did get a package in the mail, though! I found SIXTY YARDS of green cotton tape on eBay, for only $5. That’s how much I pay for 6 yards at Joann’s! So of course I bought it. 🙂


Unfortunately, it’s an insane jungle green. But the color is a small matter when you think about how it’s SIXTY YARDS FOR FIVE DOLLARS. I’m sorry, I’ve just never found such a good deal on cotton tape!

And, the project I have planned is green. So it will work. Hehe!

I’m thinking that by tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday, that I will have finished my 1880s corset. Then I can take pictures of it completed!

It doesn’t look quite as nice since I had to add two triangles of black silk, but it’s still pretty. Also, I noticed that a few of the grommets are falling out!??!  I probably need to put a bit of glue around the holes, and then hammer them in. Oh well. At least I picked up a ton of grommets on clearance, and that hammering them in is a lot of fun! 🙂

Also on my list of things I want to get done soon, is a mockup of an 1880s natural form bodice. The first one I cut out, I forgot to add seam allowances. Oops.
Now this second version has seam allowances, and hopefully doesn’t need much changing! I really don’t like doing mock-ups. It’d be so much nicer if everything just automatically fit you right away! 😀



My busk came in the mail today!

I ordered it last week off of Etsy. Of course, with Labor Day weekend, and then the package being “missent”, it took quite a bit longer to arrive than usual, but that was okay.

I like to build my historical wardrobes up from the inside out, so after I make the corset, I’ll probably start the rest of the undergarments, petticoats, etc.  The annoying part about that is how long it takes to actually get to the dress making! Ahh!

I have a little plan for an 1880 dress, but it’s a pretty big plan, and I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to pull it off, so I won’t say much about it. 🙂

I have about a 1/2 yard of green silk fabric that I will use for the 1880 corset. The exact color is a sage-hunter green type of color, and reminds me of a darker part of a peacock feather.

On a side-note, I still have pictures on my camera that I need to upload. I need to get better about that, hehe!