Fashions of the Gilded Age! :)

Just had to share with you all my excitement! I just bought the second volume of Fashions of the Gilded Age Volume 2 for the best price I could find of it. 🙂
The eBay seller also has two of her other books I’m interested in getting later on. Directoire Revival Fashions and Bustle Fashions.

As for the book I just ordered, it’s just in time that I bought it! I’m veeeeery close to finishing my 1880’s corset. I’m quite happy with how it has turned out!

 I chose not to put a busk in it (For a few reasons.). Which makes it less convenient for me to put on, and less accurate, since I know the Dreamstress mentioned that past 1870, not many corsets were seen without busks. (By the way, if anyone knows of any examples of busk-less 1880 corsets, I’d be very happy if you showed me!) 

I’m not *quite* finished with it, so no pictures yet, but as soon as I’m done with the little eyelets and the embellishments, you’ll see it!

I like to get the period corsets out of the way before I build up a wardrobe. And now that I’ve got that (almost) done, and a pattern book on the way, I can get started on those beautiful gowns! 🙂


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