Fashions of the Gilded Age! :)

Just had to share with you all my excitement! I just bought the second volume of Fashions of the Gilded Age Volume 2 for the best price I could find of it. 🙂
The eBay seller also has two of her other books I’m interested in getting later on. Directoire Revival Fashions and Bustle Fashions.

As for the book I just ordered, it’s just in time that I bought it! I’m veeeeery close to finishing my 1880’s corset. I’m quite happy with how it has turned out!

 I chose not to put a busk in it (For a few reasons.). Which makes it less convenient for me to put on, and less accurate, since I know the Dreamstress mentioned that past 1870, not many corsets were seen without busks. (By the way, if anyone knows of any examples of busk-less 1880 corsets, I’d be very happy if you showed me!) 

I’m not *quite* finished with it, so no pictures yet, but as soon as I’m done with the little eyelets and the embellishments, you’ll see it!

I like to get the period corsets out of the way before I build up a wardrobe. And now that I’ve got that (almost) done, and a pattern book on the way, I can get started on those beautiful gowns! 🙂


This has to be my favorite thing on the internet right now!







I saw both of these the other night while searching for inspiration for the Masquerade HSF challenge, and it made me so happy! My sister couldn’t understand why I was so excited. 🙂

First we have the fashion print, which most of you have probably seen. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it around!





And then we have this, which looks like someone else decided to make the dress pictured! (Found on Pinterest; have no idea who originally posted it. The links lead to a password protected blog that I can’t view.)


Isn’t that just so cute?!?! It’s a pretty faithful make of the drawn dress, too. Her hat and the bat on her chest are very different, but everything else is as close as can be to the drawing! She even remembered to have the black ribbon around her neck and the little bats on her shoes!

I love seeing fashion plates come to life from back then, especially when they are as faithfully recreated as this young woman did!

(I also was thinking of trying my hand at making this dress in the near future. Now I do know that it can and has been done! 😀 )