Excuses, Excuses

Well, I’ve been back for about a week now… I guess the reason I haven’t updated in so long is because I didn’t get ANY pictures of my clothes I made, like I planned.

Things just didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get a chance to wear my orange and green dress, due to my grandparents not being able to make the trip to Maine, so we didn’t go to the Cliffhouse for pictures. I left several items of clothing I needed for the outfits at home by accident, anyway, including my 1900s blouse.

I did have a very nice time in Maine! But I’ll just have to take photos here in Florida, which is a bit difficult at this time of year (The heat is unbearable to me. I’d rather NOT go outside if it can be helped! The only time the weather is decent at this time of year is when it’s raining, and I can’t take pictures in that weather!)

Hopefully I can get some pictures of the 1910s skirt I made soon, and I’ll make a blog post about that. I used a pattern from the Commercial Pattern Archive, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Projects like that are so encouraging and keep me going. 🙂

Also, I am thinking of getting a dress form. One of those Roxy ones, which I think is actually for display purposes in the store, but since they are made of carve-able stuff and very close to my measurements, I can make it work. The American Duchess has a post about the exact dress form.

NEXT time when I post, I will actually have a post of substance! I will take photos! (I hate taking pictures and then uploading them. The hassle!)


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