What’s Been Up Lately

I’m a terrible blogger! I don’t even know when I last updated. And my posts have certainly not have been of good quality. I do have things to post about soon, though.

They’ll have to wait for a while, since in a week I’m leaving for Maine! I’m quite excited. 🙂 I haven’t been back since I moved away 5 years ago.

Before I leave, though, there are several things I need to sew. I need to finish the orange and green 1910’s dress (After the blue and white one was such a failure, I started again on the same pattern, and this attempt is MUCH better!), make a 1910ish skirt, finish up a 1910 hat and start a head piece to wear with the orange dress for a dinner. Oh, and I need to make some sort of swimsuit, not necessarily historical. I very rarely go swimming, and when I tried on my only bathing suit yesterday, it was quite uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ll find anything in the stores, either, so that leaves making up one.

All of this in less than a week! I am not busy at all for the next few days, though, so I think my big plans can be fulfilled, if I work hard enough at it. As it is… I probably shouldn’t be taking the time to write up this post!!!

The good news is that I will actually have pictures of the things I make when I get back! I never seem to get around to taking photos. (Some of my friends and extended family have been asking for photos of things I’ve made/sewn… for years… and they still haven’t gotten them. I really need to get better at that. :|)

So that’s how things are for right now!


2 thoughts on “What’s Been Up Lately

    • Oh! I suppose you’ll be blogging about it when you’re done with it? If so, I’m looking forward to reading that post! The Teens era is probably my favorite era.
      I’m not completely happy with how the orange and green dress is made, but it’s proven to be extremely helpful towards making me a better seamstress, so I love it right now. Hehe!

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