Blue & White Dress

I have pretty much decided to give up on the blue and white dress that was inspired by the pink and white dress. :p

I’m quite a beginner at sewing and making it LOOK NICE, so it wasn’t going well. I did learn quite a few things along the way, but… I just don’t think it’s worth continuing. Not now, at least. Perhaps in the future I will pick it up again and fix all the little issues with it. (Although, I hope that when I look at it years from now, I’ll be disgusted, because that will mean that I will be MUCH more talented at sewing then!!!)

The fabrics were actually bought to be used as mock-ups, so I don’t feel bad about the fabric sort of going to waste. And the fabrics were a bit costume-y, anyway, so I would have felt a little off wearing it. (Also, tulle is still extremely uncomfortable. And impossible to work with.) I think the design was pretty, but I should try pulling it off with better/nicer fabric, I suppose.

I do know now that I need to seriously work on closures. I have such a bad time of trying to make them look decent. And, of course, fitting… The bodice on the dress is ugly as heck. I need to learn more about fitting, that’s for sure. D: I also need to work on making my work look a bit tidier and more… professional? I tend to sew with the same needle, same tension, etc., for EVERYTHING, which I know isn’t correct, but it was easy…
I feel a tiny bit discouraged, but since some of the parts of the dress went very well, I do feel encouraged, too.
I think the main thing that prompted me to give up the project was that the fabrics were uncomfortable. And low-quality. Or maybe it was the bodice. Just thinking about that hideous thing makes me angry!

Now I just need to learn about what I need to change, and practice more. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Blue & White Dress

  1. Sometimes I find that it’s best to just set a project aside that isn’t working for me. Sometimes I’ll eventually come back to it. . other times I won’t.

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