1910 Lady Maud Warrender’s Laurel Dress

I’m trying to to make a version of the 1910s dress in Janet Arnold’s book, Patterns of Fashion 2.  It’s a bit above my skill level, which I regret, but practicing is always good!  And I was never one to be daunted by something considered “too difficult”.  Some years ago when I was barely a teenager and I took art lessons at the local studio, I would often pick the projects that my art teacher would say were too hard for me to attempt.  I’m not sure why I always insisted doing it, but I did, and they fortunately turned out well and I never got as frustrated as my art teacher thought I would be. So, perseverance. 🙂

But, anyway. Right now I’m hassling with fitting the bodice to me. I’m on the FOURTH mock-up.

Besides using the pattern from Janet Arnold’s book as a base, my inspiration dress is this.

It will be carried out in white and blue tulle (I couldn’t get netting, but that’s okay for me.) It’s not going to be very historically accurate, but I’m hoping later on I’ll get better with THAT.

Next time I post I’ll hopefully have images of what’s going on.


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